What is IT strategic plan (information technology strategic plan)? – Definition from WhatIs.com – TechTarget

Components of an IT strategic plan

The IT strategic plan should outline a mission statement that states what it plans to achieve and how the IT strategy relates to the organization’s overall business objectives. Often the first step to creating an effective IT strategic plan is to start with reviewing the organization’s strategic plan, which helps in identifying the areas where the use of technology can improve operations.

The IT strategic plan should include a SWOT analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to identify both internal and external factors that can affect IT’s ability to contribute to an organization’s success. This process will also help analyze the gap between where the IT department currently is in achieving its goals and what it wants to achieve. The department can then identify the barriers and the resources needed to bridge the gap.

The SWOT analysis also helps to identify any of the company’s technological assets that might be an unknown competitive advantage and that the organization should consider investing.

Finally, it is important that the IT strategic plan be clear about its ultimate goals, including a list of technology investments that the IT department deems a priority to contribute to the organization’s success. However, the plan should also include evaluations of the company’s current IT budget and allocate project-specific resources and responsibilities within the IT department to meet these objectives.