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Ph.D. at the iSchool

The Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology is a full-time, residency-based, research-oriented degree awarded for excellence in the advancement and dissemination of new knowledge in the information field. Our program addresses information-related phenomena in all settings: individual, organizational, societal, political, and technical. Our Ph.D. program grants a doctorate in information science.

Since the degree program’s inception in 1969 as the first broad, interdisciplinary doctorate in the field, the Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology has been training researchers, educators, consultants, and others who share the view that information is a manageable resource.

Our students are expected to develop mastery across aspects of human uses of information, technologies that work with information, and theories of information. Our program is human-centered, rather than computer science and computer engineering, and more technologically-oriented than most programs in psychology, sociology, communications and business.